Pyrmin's Process

Vehicle Tyres

Vehicle tyres are sourced from the waste tyre management industry and shipped to our facility in baled form in order to make the transportation of the tyres as efficient as possible. 


Pyrmin has the equipment needed to shred car tyres and separate out the constituent parts. Steel is sold for reuse by the scrap metal industry and tyre textiles can be used as a form of fuel. The main result is tyre crumb which is used as the feedstock for the pyrolysis reactor.



The pyrolysis process heats the tyre crumb to the point where it converts to a gas and residual carbon. A better term would be "thermolysis" since the reactor does not subject the materials to fire but rather heating in an oxygen free environment. The gas is subjected to a condensing process to remove the pyrolysis oil from the flow and the remaining gas is utilised to provide the fuel for the pyrolysis reactor. The solids come out in the form of a carbon rich powder which is further processed and utilised as carbon black in industry. One of the principle consumers of carbon black is the tyre manufacturing industry.


Currently Pyrmin sells all of the products in their "raw" form following the pyrolysis process but will look to add value to the products as the business evolves. This will focus on desulfurization of the pyrolysis oil and processing of the carbon black into higher value forms.