The Circular Economy - The Pyrmin Cycle

Pyrmin’s business provides two loops in the wider circular economy. In seeking to  provide a circular solution to the economic and environmental challenges facing the world in disposing of end-of-life tyres (ELTs) , producing Carbon Black and moving to more sustainable fuels, Pyrmin also answers three questions. Firstly, how does the UK dispose of ELTs in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner? Secondly, how is the increasing demand for Carbon Black and Oil to be met in a similarly responsible manner? Finally, how is the UK going to make the best use of its renewable resources as it transitions to a lower carbon economy?

Pyrmin Business Cycle.png

Pyrmin breaks the mould in operating to address both the environmental and economic concerns surrounding these questions. By recycling end-of-life tyres Pyrmin eliminate strains on the environment, substantially reducing carbon dioxide emissions, while also creating products that help meet ongoing demand to fulfil a need.