Its a Green Story - the Time is Now

As well as removing the problem of disposing of ELT’s and potential ongoing environmental impact from the materials contained in them, Pyrmin’s business also contributes to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions through the displacement of more emitting products by the products derived from the ELT feedstock. Pyrmin’s is a very green story.

  • Each of Pyrmin’s proposed plants will consume a million ELT’s a year. This is 10,000 tonnes of material which does not go to polluting the environment either in landfill, by burning or other forms of unsatisfactory recycling

  • The distributed model concept for the plants takes the tyre recycling to the tyres therefore reducing the need for further tyre miles to transport them to centralised processing sites and displaces the need to export the ELTs to countries such as India (the principle overseas destination) reducing GHG emissions further

  • The modern equipment to be employed emits no significant pollutants to the atmosphere, generates it’s own heating requirements, and will generate 80% of the electricity consumed

  • Production of recovered Carbon Black (rCB) via pyrolysis produces 2.5 tonnes less CO2 per tonne than Carbon Black produced in the normal manner

Each tonne of ELTs processed will yield:

Carbon Savings Table.png